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Now you can enjoy the care and assistance you require from within the comfort of your own home. You take full control, keep your independence, Choose how and when you wish to be cared for, Crownlinks Care Team are there to make your experience an interesting one.

Crownlinks International is a leading independent provider of health and social care services. Working in close partnership with individuals and families who have a wide range of conditions such as Dementia & Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, Elderly, Depression, Learning Difficulties, Asthma, Motor Neurone Disease, Angina, Huntingdon’s Disease; Cancer, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Blindness, Deadness, Terminally ill, Substance Misuse, Bipolar Disorder, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Brittle Bones, Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Muscular Dystrophy and many more!. We provide personal and domestic live in or home care  and support for older people, and those with a wide range of conditions as well as a range of specialist training programmes that covers a wide range of diseases, illnesses and varying conditions. This in-depth bespoke training to our  care and support team and personal assistants enhances the knowledge and a greater understanding of your condition prior to giving your care or support package. The Care we deliver is always unique and completely bespoke to the individual needs and requirements of yourself and your family.

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The Care Standard Consultancy

The Care Provider                                                                     


The new regulator - Care Standard Commission has enormous power and has engineered bureaucratic systems to deter any provider seeking to challenge its judgements. Its subjective stars rating system continues to distort the care marketplace as “Poor” and “adequate” services lose out to those with better ratings. A further worry is the possible inconsistency between inspectors. CQC is here to stay whether we like it or not. It is essential you protect yourself. One proven way is to have an objective quality audit every year so you earn a good star rating and are left in peace to run your business, avoiding the damaging negative comments inspectors enjoy writing in their public reports and the passing on of “concerns” to local authority social services contracts and safeguarding teams. These bodies are also inspected by CQC and remain under real pressure not to place clients in “poor” services, with potentially disastrous implications for occupancy levels and income if they impose a referrals ban on a home (and this is happenings a lot).


Whatever your current status we can help you achieve/ maintain higher standards leading to better star ratings by providing a credible, independent view of your service as well as constructive and realistic support and advice. We can also help you challenge inspectors’ erroneous judgements and attend the CQC arranged meeting with you. We can also help you prepare appeals to the Quality Rating Review Services (QRRS). Our objective independent Quality tool will also help in justifying any possible submission.


We have extensive experience in the care industry, having delivered and managed services in the public and private sectors. We also have an active CQC inspector on board for guidance and advice. Among our team is a very experienced solicitor. Consequently in the care standards consultancy we thoroughly understand care practice, regulations and the law. We have successfully negotiated many times with CQC and social services on behalf of homeowners, who generally find that our well-informed support prompts a more measured and reasonable response from the other side.


Below case studies leaflet gives some practical examples of recent successes in helping clients increase profits and reputation. If you feel you need advice in ever changing environment please contact me to discuss your current situation.

Yours Sincerely,


Care Standards Consultant

Client S, proprietor of a 10bedded (mental illness category) home in Essex. “I felt being discriminated against and willing to challenge CQC’s report and attitude in court but Crownlinks helped us focus on the priorities for improving standards, members attended numerous CQC meetings with me and help restoring the reputation of the home and now I feel much more secure and confident”.


This home was targeted by an extremely zealous CQC inspector who made 28 statutory requirements and issued several legal enforcement notices. When the proprietor contacted us, it was obvious that the CQC were building a case to close the home and the local authority had placed it on their referrals blacklist making it impossible to fill their bed. We quickly identified the crucial areas of genuine non-compliance and provided detailed advice and practical quality monitoring audit, drafted a longer term action plan for presentation to CQC at an arranged meeting. We also advised on areas where the more extreme positions adopted by the inspector could be legitimately challenged. The result was that the immediate threat of closure was removed, the performance of the home substantially improved and the CQC accepted that the residents were receiving a good service. Over the next six months the home was able to attract a high calibre new manager and admit new residents, increasing income by 100% per annum to date. Reference available if required.

And many more!

We also provide other Benefits to Employers:


          Training to Gain a nationally recognized NVQ at Level 2, 3, 4, in Health and Social Care and Leadership and Management Award for Care (City & Guilds)

          Unit A1 Assessor Award and Health and Safety at Workplace (City & Guild)

          Develop the skills and knowledge of your team

          Build confidence, job satisfaction, self assessment and reflection skills

         Complete Recruitment solution

         Training is free- no fees for you to pay

         Training is delivered flexibly around your work and family commitments

         Increase your staff productivity, retention and loyalty

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